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Foreign trade clerk

Job Requirements:

Foreign trade clerk
Due to business needs to carry out, is now facing the community to recruit a number of foreign trade salesman, good English proficiency requirements for foreign trade are interested, strong sense of responsibility, there are LED industry experience preferred. Once hired, treated favorably.

Main tasks
① use of various trade platform to promote the company's products, development and maintenance of customer resources;
② maintain the company's foreign trade platform, product updates and other maintenance operations;
③ responsible for translation vendor products and related documents;
④ other tasks leaders accountable.

job requirements
① good level of English, English for the LED industry or CET 6 above priority;
② strong sense of responsibility
③ experience in foreign trade or related majors.
④ electric business platform experience, LED industry experience, PS or other image processing software experience preferred.

① principle work five days a week, 8 hours a day. Holidays in accordance with national standards.
② the use of wage subsidy basic salary + commission + mode. The entry that is purchased social insurance.
③ occasional training.
④ regularly organize tours and other activities.