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How to invest in the LED lighting industry experts look at the opportunity?

Release Time:2016-06-23   Publisher:Administrator   Font Selection 【Big】【In】【Sall】
LED industry is currently encountered predicament include goodbye to high-growth period, the survey shows that from 2015, double-digit growth has been not return, the industry entered a new normal slow growth. The second is sales growth, but profits declined. The third is the price war spread, the majority of enterprises in the industry's profits eroded, many LED companies are forced to exit the market. But it also bears the opportunities and challenges, such as the new three-panel mechanism to gradually improve, reduce the threshold to enter the capital market, to many small and medium opportunities.
In addition, to accelerate the pace of industrial structural upgrading, in the new normal economy, industry bodies to upgrade is the inevitable choice for enterprises. 4.0 + and Internet industry for the national policy, in line with historical trends. Breaking the Road, by industry mergers and acquisitions, he noted that the industry downturn is the opportunity of industry mergers and acquisitions. The acquisition of the road, you can choose the industrial chain integration and cross-sectoral M & A.