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SMEs in the end how to choose a way out in the LED industry

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Guangya Exhibition activity has ended, but we think the future of the LED development has far from stopped. This Guangya Exhibition, Philips, Osram, GE, BDO Runda, three safety optoelectronics, Linsen, Op, NVC and other collective absence of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the exhibition highlights the lack of exhibitors exhibits serious homogeneity. Problems reflect the market situation. With the economic slowdown in the manufacturing sector, firm size manufacturers to gradually focus on the future of competition in the LED industry is bound to become more intense, then the LED of SMEs in such a pattern, how to survive, how to choose a way out of it?
From the entire LED lighting market, the market is clearly not balanced. On the market, the supply of the product is much larger than the demand, according to the regulatory role of the market mechanism, will inevitably lead to a decline in product prices. When the price of the product down to a certain extent, that is less than the average cost price of the product, this time business is a loss. This market is currently in a state, able to withstand short-term losses of large enterprises, while prices continue to fall, some small and medium enterprises, and even larger companies will also face the danger of being eliminated. According to data of the Institute of Engineering LED production and research shows that in 2015 China's LED industry, the total size of 396.7 billion yuan, the growth rate has slowed to 5.1% last year, since 4000 do downstream LED lighting business to leave. Only when the market reshuffle is completed, the supply and demand for the product will be more balanced, stable market will reach equilibrium. So the future market competition will be more intense.