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Flee OR marching? International lighting giants strategic readjustment!

Release Time:2016-06-23   Publisher:Administrator   Font Selection 【Big】【In】【Sall】
Suddenly, to 2016 has been in the summer, has not fully recovered from the winter in China's manufacturing industry is still precarious. For the LED industry, this is undoubtedly a very harsh year. Even in the first quarter of the exam, many LED companies to produce a beautiful report card, but the margin has shrunk, net profit decline "curse" is always lingering.
In the international lighting market, frequently selling giant lighting business information still suck the eye. As one of the world's top five LED business, Philips Lighting since last year, "married" to fall after Chinese buyers desire, recently announced the initial public offering, plans to sell a 25% stake. As early as last year, plan assets divested lighting OSRAM now but still attracts domestic LED listed companies competing bid.
Once considered core businesses now frequently encountered lighting business divestiture international heavyweights. When the once proud advantage is no longer obvious, withdraw leave has become a matter of course. However, behind the sell-off lighting business, but it is reflected in the global lighting industry, competition very badly