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Bonus and Challenge Guangzhou International Lighting Fair

Release Time:2016-06-23   Publisher:Administrator   Font Selection 【Big】【In】【Sall】
This year's Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in previous years has indeed been quite different, with a strong rise in addition to the collective lack of international giants intelligent lighting, there are many people thinking emotion.
Guangzhou International Lighting Fair this year, more than 225,000 square meters of exhibition area of the peak contraction 30,000 square meters. It seems to indicate, the traditional business model from sales to show to spread are facing enormous changes. We can not say that all the traditional model will perish, but the impact of change on this era really great. Whether spending habits or sales model, in this day and age, are suffering huge impact on the mobile Internet, all areas of lighting is no exception.
The global economic downturn, both for manufacturing or sales industry, also have a huge impact. Shrouded in the shadow of the global economic crisis over, people's income has shrunk in the huge spending power in the overall decline. Reflected in the lighting industry, firm size and is a huge decline in sales, many people begin to feel the business is very difficult. Is reflected in the exhibition, exhibitors reduction is not much, but a lot of exhibition space shrinking. Of course, we see that at present only be affected, but not great. But next year it might impact will be even greater?