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Philips Lighting factory in Shenzhen close behind: Transformation Choice

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May 31, Philips Lighting factory in Shenzhen - Philips Home Lighting Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. issued a decision on early dissolution of the company announcement, the industry in an uproar. As the world's leading brand of lighting, Philips Lighting's every move is closely watched, closure of the factory in Shenzhen, a time also led to concerns about the industry of Chinese manufacturing.
In fact, in recent years, Philips Lighting Recalling the action can be found, Philips Lighting has been around the world and many factories have closed, including factories United States, Canada, Britain and other European countries, and also announced it would close a factory in Thailand this year, frequently What are the reasons behind the plant closing? Not difficult to see, which is obviously the face of fierce market competition, profit margins declined to respond to market demand policy adjustments, which is the business restructuring and development of a common phenomenon.