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Wang Dong-lei restore NVC Gong Dou Drama: conspiracy, intimidation, gambling

Release Time:2016-06-23   Publisher:Administrator   Font Selection 【Big】【In】【Sall】
This is a dramatic or even tainted with the blood of the real war story, full of lies, the interests of humanity and torture.
In the nearly three hours of interview time, he kept adjust the sitting position, as if looking for the most comfortable state. Wu Changjiang not want to talk about and get to the bottom of the past when he was withdrawn from the coffee table a few pieces match, after a length a length break thrown into the ashtray, he does not smoke.
He is the king of NVC chairman Dong-lei, in fact, a year ago on his face looked relaxed a bit. Took off his shoes, sat cross-legged on the hotel suite's sofa, in addition to off matches, occasionally also sip Iron Goddess of Mercy.
Wang Dong-lei is being restored.
Last time I saw him was at the end of 2015, at an event forum, his unsmiling, exhausted. Those who knew him know that that field in 2014 and NVC founder Wu Changjiang commercial war cost him a lot of energy.