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A grilled steak Philips all these years which closed factories

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Faced with intense competition, profit margins decline, and change the development strategy, the Dutch lighting giant Philips staged a "ton output capacity" of survival of large: the years around the world from time to time came the news of plant closures.
Philips will shut Thailand Samut Prakan fluorescent tube plant
Closing time: the third quarter of 2016
Recently, the director of the Thai Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) poor manager Lin Peng said the company will close in the third quarter fluorescent tube factory located in Samut Prakan pull Pu industrial zone, because in the past three years, the use of LED lamps continued to increase, expected future 1--34% 2 years LED lamp used in a proportion of from the target increased to 50%, so the decision to close the plant described above.
He noted that the company has one year's notice in advance of the plant about 200 employees, and to help employees find new jobs. Because Philips has been imported from China LED lamp sales in Thailand, so the operation is not affected.
Poor Lin Peng said tube market continued good growth, mainly due to the introduction of government measures to stimulate the economy, encourage the parties to increase investments, such as infrastructure projects, thus promoting the growth of the lamp market to follow, such as street lights, indoor lighting and so on. 2016 full-year forecast will increase the market value of the lamp 25 billion 74 million baht, rose 3% year on year, mainly from business and government agencies, the domestic market tends to shrink, the trend is similar to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.