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Jinsha River Capital announced the establishment of LED lighting industry, the cornerstone of the Fund

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Recently learned, the Jinsha River in the capital today announced the establishment of LED lighting industry cornerstone fund limited partners include Chinese leader in high-tech sector, Taiwan's well-known industry groups and private entrepreneurs, the scale of up to $ 1 billion. Fund including the introduction of LED lighting industry leader, Mr. Su Jianghua, Dr. Fan Zhencan and other experienced team members to "build a world in China influential lighting companies" as the goal, relying on the Jinsha capital more than ten years and continued to cultivate Featured the lighting industry chain, to build a world-class LED lighting platform to further optimize the global supply chain, promoting the global LED industry towards higher quality, higher quality development. As of press date, the funds that have been oversubscribed.
Since the lighting industry is experiencing from traditional lighting to the transformation and global integration of industrial chain LED lighting, a number of international high-profile, has a strong patent and market resources lighting companies such as Philips Lighting, Osram, etc., we are for the global sale of its illuminated portion business, and with the increasing number of cross-border mergers and acquisitions such success stories, LED lighting industry mergers and acquisitions has also been supported by the community. China LED Industry Alliance Secretary-General and Applied Guan Baiyu said: "such transactions on China's semiconductor lighting industry is a rare opportunity, with the deal can speed up the internationalization of China's semiconductor lighting industry, will also help to enhance the industry's technological and manufacturing capacity "national semiconductor lighting project R & D and industry Alliance Secretary-General Wu Ling also said:" The integration of acquisitions beneficial synergy complementary effects can be achieved to exchange channels, extending the integration of industrial chain, increase our strength, expand the scale of such purposes, it also makes LED capacity utilization gradually increase to help the healthy development of the global LED industry. "
After the establishment of the Fund, the team will take advantage of the lighting industry innovation platform for a strong brand resources, patents and channels through the supply chain integration and optimization, to build advanced manufacturing power, lighting industry leading global reach, product innovation and smart business model. "To fully cooperate with the Chinese government's" supply-side reform, "domestic enterprises need to increase R & D investment, improve the international status of intellectual property rights, the establishment of international reputation of Chinese brands, maintenance and development of global sales channels." Jinsha founder, General Manager Mr. Sonny Wu said. "China not only provide a huge potential market and cost advantages of a significant production base, but also cultivate a large number of elite R & D team. We firmly believe that cutting global distribution platform, take full advantage of a strong brand, while continuing to increase R & D investment, reduce costs, improve productivity and lower achievement of a global leading LED companies will be just around the corner. "